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I recently bought a Holga camera for fun and i took it out to the street the other day. I loaded it up with some tri-x and went for a walk. Here are some images from the day. The last image was shot on Fuji Velvia.

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I'm now back in L.A and the editing of the movie is going to start soon. Hopefully i'll be making some pictures while i'm around. The streets of L.A are full of moments to capture, so i'm excited. Also i'm happy that i have access to good labs and photo stores.

Watch Out.
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Week 3 of filming "Captain Abu Raed" starts in a couple of hours. We currently stand at the half way mark. It took me and Amin 2 years to get to this and our little dream is now slowly becoming a reality. I have shot a number of rolls while filming. I'll upload whenever i get a chance to breath.

Check out the film's website
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Its been close to a month since i have posted anything on dA, but things have been busy in Jordan.

We are in the midst of pre production for a feature film i am producing and will be editing.

Check the website:

today i had a quick and tough shoot, stressfull in a way but good results in the end. I won't be able to post anything from that shoot but i'm uploading some street shots and portraits throughout this week.

hope all are well.
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Just wanted to thank all the deviants who faved and commented on " Vine Leap" which was chosen by cweeks as a DD yesterday. I have over 450 msgs and i wouldnt be able to thank each one individualy, so i thought i'd do it in a journal entry.

I spent 2 weeks in L.A and it was great, a lot happening there and i got to make some good pictures. Now im in NYC and i go back to Jordan in 2 days. Then we start our movie.

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I'm back from Spain where i attended a photography workshop in the North, and then got some time to spend walking around Madrid making street shots. Shot about 13 rolls. Problem is that the darkroom i used to develop my film in, is no longer there. My friend moved offices and the new darkrooms are not done yet. But i have developed 5 films already and i am quite happy with the results.
Hopefully they'll be on dA soon.

Next month is crazy, may head out to the US, North Carolina and then Los Angeles.

Life is getting busy again.
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I finally got two rolls of slide film that i shot with the Leica developed and scanned. I am loving the results. No computer manipulation on these images, these are direct scans from the negative. I just wish it wasn't expensive to develop slide film in Jordan. The colors and contrast just beat digital any day.

* i'll upload some more to dA soon.










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I got accepted to a workshop in spain given by Antonin Kratochvil, one of the founding members of the VII agency. Its a small group of people so i think i'll be able to get a lot out of it. It's focusing on the anatomy of the photo essay and portraits. Also discussing work in hard places and uninviting locales.

Can't wait.
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I just got done with shooting a photo essay on "Al-Baq'aa Boxing Club" for Nox magazine (
It was a successful shoot. I spent two days with one of the boxers and two days at the training facility.
Al-Baq'aa is one of the largest Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. The stories of these boxers are amazing. One was a cobbler, and now he works as a life guard at a pool. He's been Jordan's champion for the past 12 years.
Another one has been banned from representing jordan in international tournaments because he refused to play against an Israeli boxer.
I want to continue this piece later on, there is a tournament coming up in january.
May do a day of the fight thing.
Shot this with both my digital and the leica.
The magazine wants the color pictures.
Yet i think a hint of b&w wouldn't have hurt.
I knew that from the beginning, so i used the leica to make personal pictures.
Can't wait to see the piece printed and published.

End of the year is coming up, I'm shooting one of the biggest parties in Amman.
It's got a circus theme.
Will make for good photos, inshalla.

I also need to learn how to make hyperlinks and post pictures in journals.

Till then...

From Snowy Amman

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I just realized that I haven't updated my journal since mid september, and a lot has happened since, but thats old news. The last week has been really good for me in a photographic way. Two photo essays of mine got published in magazines, i got myself a Leica m6, i got the chance to participate in a social documentary photography workshop, and some of my pictures are being considered for an exhibtion in Valencia, Spain.

I also was very close to running out of b&w film, but last night 40 rolls of film arrived to Amman with a friend. Tri-x and delta 100 :)

My next photo assignment is on one of the local boxing clubs, its a gritty and hardcore place, can't wait to develop the rolls.

Since getting the leica i have yet to shoot street, or actually i did, but the camera was loaded with slide film, so i have to hit the streets with the m6 and a roll of delta 100.

I'm taking a break from editing, after finishing a 2 month edit on an interesting documentary, so till the end of the year, its me, my cameras and some rolls of film.
The past 8 days were spent in amsterdam and a day and half of them in paris. Amazing trip. Shot tons of film with my Minolta range finder. I am so glad i found a range finder after a long search in Amman. I hoped i could find a leica, but no luck. I'll still be looking. My minolta hi-matic 7sII is my first range finder and shooting street with it is real fun. Nothing beats the feeling of taking an upclose shot of a subject in a natural moment. Europe was real nice for street photography, i'll have to see how it will work with me in Amman.
Hopefully over the next week or two i'll upload some scanned images.
Back to the darkroom.


UPDATE: Got the negatives scanned at a local lab here in Amman and I am dissapointed. They cost me a lot and they did a bad job, but i'm kinda stuck with them. I miss the pro labs of L.A where one could get very nice work done.
I just got done editing a teaser for a short film i am currently editing, it is called " The new dancer" and it is directed by a jordanian director living in Paris.

Here is a link to the teaser:…
Darkness has been broken.The moon has risen over the mountains of Wadi Rum. The stars twinkle faintly.The southern winds blow gently over the desert as the crackling of burning wood accompanies the sounds of the Rababa. Life as simple as it should be.
Three hours south of Amman, lies this valley. Away from all the hustle and bustle of city life, away from city lights, away from the sounds of cars, busses and all that make Amman special.
The bubbling of the argeelah occasionally interrupts the serenity of this place.
The treasures in this land are plenty. Rich traditions, ancient history and vistas that amaze the most travelled. A night in Wadi Rum, life as simple as it should be.

Wadi Rum